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Alilo P1 Happy Buddy Bunny Rhythm Training Story Teller

Alilo P1 Rhythm Training Storyteller Happy Buddy Bunny Kids Smart Interactive Toddler Toy Features Finger Drum and Piano with Built-in Music / Song / Bedtime Story, Chew-Safe Luminous Ears, BPA Free

Product Highlight

  • [Smart interactive companion] - keeping the toddlers entertained with the bedtime stories and songs while the drum and piano play provide early engagement to the music world for the rock stars to be!  Touch the buddy bunny’s forehead to switch between different sound: musical instruments, animals, lullabies, lighting colors

  • [Belly Drum] - Tap or pat to create your own beats.  The plump white belly drum is specially designed to attract young children have fun in making their own tunes and tempo to enhance the motor skill development through playing.

  • [Paw Piano] - electrico-conductivity activation via touching both paws simultaneously.  This means the rhythm can be played by one or multiple parties (kids and parents) simply by holding hands, this is family bonding literally means.

  • [Lullaby Melody and fairy tales] - Happy Buddy Bunny love to be stroked on head, when you do so, it yawns and sings a lullaby rhythm to soothe the baby for a good sleep.  It’s also got plenty of songs and fairy tale stories up the sleeves, it will share the fantastic stories and songs with you if you just shake the hand!

  • [Luminous ears] - It’s not a bunny without those ears, they can light up in different colors and the colors can be controlled by the paw.  They are made of BPA free silicone material which is safe your baby.

Product Feature

We all have our own favorite toys that we will not leave home without growing up, only that your kid’s smart happy buddy bunny is much better than yours so don’t be envious.  Would who have thought that one little cute chubby bunny can offer so much - interchangeable lighting color bunny ears, being a music trainer / player, storyteller, and being a companion that brings your child sweet dreams.

  • Alilo Happy Bunny Fantastic Drum - Pat and Play!

  • Music Paws - Touch on and touch off on two paws simultaneously to play the rhythm

  • Belly Drum - Patting the Bunny belly and following the beats, it contains drum set, African drum, jazz drum

  • Light Ear - Ears glow with colorful light, add fun to play time

  • Luminous ears in 7 different colors

  • 5 songs: 1) Hello Hello How Are You 2) Apple and Banana 3) Clap Your Hands 4) Old MacDonald Had a Farm 5) The Ants Go Marching

  • 5 fairy tales: 1) Races Between Tortoise and Rabbit 2) The Little Horse Cross the River 3) brother and His Younger Sister 4) Sister Lion and Mosquito 5) The Story of Fox and Crow

  • 4 musical instrument demos: 1) piano 2) music box 3) trumpet 4) harp

  • Drum play

  • BPA free, Phthalates, and lead free

  • Touch sensor control

  • Interactive play

  • 2 in 1 power and volume control button

  • CPC certified (Children Product Certified)

  • CPSIA (consumer product safety improvement act) certified


  • Requires 3 AAA battery to operate (not included)

  • Product Dimension: 4.5 x 4.5 x 6 inches

  • Weight: 18 oz


In the Box

  • Alilo Buddy Bunny P1 (Battery is not included)


ALILO-P1-BLU 6954644609652 BLUE

ALILO-P1-PNK 6954644609645 PINK

ALILO-P1=YLW 6954644609669 YELLOW

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